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All I wanted was my freedom. A freedom that’s now so far out of my reach it’s laughable. 
The boss. The CEO. 
Of a company I know nothing about, annoying the only family member I care about.
I didn’t want it, but now I’m here, I’m going to make the best of it. And that, in no way, no how, involves the dark and mysterious aura surrounding Tate Hillside.

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It was supposed to be me and Asher Wilkinson against the world.Two best friends kicking ass and taking names.
So, when his little sister gets the promotion instead of him, it throws all sorts of spanners in the works. 
Not least, because the way she fills out that suit has me thinking all sorts of things you shouldn’t think about your colleague, or your best friend’s sister.

When you’re young, powerful, and successful, why not go after what you want? Will Tate be the one to end up burned? Or will Sutton break down those walls and see what she’s willing to risk?

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Available on Kindle Unlimited

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